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Ortos KNÄ

Ortos KNÄ

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Skatt ingår. Frakt beräknas i kassan.
Knäkompressions-ortos med lång sleeve, öppen vid knäskål.
Knäortos som hjälper som stöd under dina dagliga aktiviter.
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  • Schlatter
  • Inflammation muskelsena
  • Meniskproblem
  • Skadad korsband
  • Löparknä
  • Ledbandsskada
  •  Nylonmaterial
  • · One size fits all (justerbar runt lår)
  • · 60x20 cm (justerbar runt lår)
Instruktion på engelska:

1. Support your knees throughout the day: keep your knee pads in the correct position throughout the day.For this, the double ring hinge is designed to lock the mechanism and strengthen the stability of the kneepad of the knee and joints.You can do any corrective or outdoor exercise without worrying about your knee pads slipping.

2. Intense exercise and re-use can effectively relieve your pain: the open-patella design can reduce the pressure and relieve the pressure of the knee joint.It can also effectively relieve acute chronic arthritis, sprain, knee pain and fatigue.Suitable for recovery or prevention of sports injury after surgery.

3. Comfortable wearing: the product adopts high-quality antibacterial and breathable neoprene.More soft and comfortable, providing even pressure and the perfect relief of love.A wavy shape design, adjustable elastic comfort zone provides personalized fit.Moisture absorption, perspiration and ventilation can keep you comfortable.

4. The tension can be removed from the back of the knee: most of the knee pads are not easy to squat, full of tension on the back, feel uncomfortable.We only used 2 Magic hook straps to make room for the back of the knee.

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